The other part of me, being a dadda.

As a diabetic and parent, I would love to claim, as other parents do, my child comes first. However, as a T1D, I have to make sure I’m ok, stable, non-shaky, and not tempting a low, before I even think about taking care of my child. So who comes first? Myself. My son. My answer: Myself, because of my son.

It’s somewhat difficult to admit (and easy to put myself on a guilt trip) to concede that I must come first, not resulting in putting my child in danger, but in order to avoid putting my child in danger. That’s a simple fact, and not something that should cause guilt. It may not be fully understood by non-diabetics, but in the diabetic world, especially in the T1D world, changes can occur in seconds.

Running high to avoid “changes,” can result in long-term complications. And we all want to be their for our kids, as long as we can.