I am not a medical professional , and I do not give medical advice, and nothing written here should be construed as such.

These posts are sketches of my diabetic life. Maybe you’ll draw some ideas from my experiences. Maybe you’ll take my sketches and make your own water-color or oil-based painting. Maybe you’ll wad up my sketches and make your own. Maybe you or your loved-ones or friends will gain insight and understanding about life with Type 1 diabetes. I’m opening up to help other diabetics live a better life, some how, some way.

I was diagnosed with Type 2 at age 27. I continued to lose weight, and showing all the symptoms of a Type 1. Two years after my initial diagnosis, I went to my GP and was later admitted to the hospital to save my life and start insulin. I weighed 115 pounds on a 5’10” frame.

After “coming back” ( I was told I was about a week away from organ failure), I went to and graduated from Graduate school, met my wife-to-be, and did a number of other things, proving there is life with diabetes. I welcome all comments and others’ insight. I love my wife and son, family and friends, John Wayne and America.

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