According to some, it is. According to some of them, if you use pumps, CGMs, the right type of insulin, you can about do away with the brittleness.

Now I’ll admit, I have dosed too much for food, and not had a chance to check , and it’s messed me up.

But what some seem to be saying is like the eqivalent of if you live in a high crime area, but you wear body armour, carry weapons, and perhaps have Special Operations training, you won’t become a crime statistic. Duh.

My body doesn’t process artificial insulin as well as it did before I was diagnosed with T1D. Since I wasn’t diagnosed until 27 years of age, I have a little experience with normalcy.

This brittle debate seems to play into the hands of those who want us to believe artificial insulin and all the technology your insurance will cover, is a cure. I’m happy so many are living better lives with CGMs and pumps, but they aren’t cures.