Sometimes I feel that we as diabetics, especially type 1 diabetics, may come across as a little ungrateful for all the advances made in the struggle against diabetes.  One hundred years ago, I wouldn’t be alive.  Chances are, if you’re a type 1 diabetic , you wouldn’t be either.  I’m grateful for all the advancements, all the technologies, as annoying as they can be sometimes, that give me another day with my loved ones.   Even in the last thirty years, I am grateful for technologies like the infusion pumps that have led to better treatment, better outcomes, and better lives. I don’t think there aren’t many type 1 diabetics or  families affected by diabetes, who aren’t grateful.  Granted, there are parents of type 1 diabetic children, who rightfully wish they could do away with this insidious disease.  But the advancements have been  phenomenal.   I wonder if there is another disease that has shown so much improvement in the ways of treatment and outcomes?  I doubt it. Sure, we see a lot of things we think could be improved upon.  Nothing is perfect.  But we’ve come a long way.  I find myself grateful to all the medical researchers toiling away in labs, the medical professionals seeking new ways to help us, and the clinical trial patients who have volunteered to help make our lives and future lives better.  I often feel we don’t thank those people enough, or at least I don’t.  Thank you.