One of my fellow bloggers had this line in a recent blog: We can’t do this alone, but we are alone. How true. Our culture orbits around food (remember Superbowl pre-game ads?), and how parties around food are much relied upon for good times involving fellowship with friends and/or family. We deny ourselves food, what others enjoy, ceaselessly, in abundance, seemingly without end, while we discipline ourselves.  Sound familiar? We can eat, but we often must take guesses as to what we are consuming, often inaccurate, sometimes dangerously so.  So mostly, I and others, just avoid the nice, appealing delicacies.  We don’t mean to be rude or ungrateful, although it may come across that way.  We are just better off if we don’t partake.  It’s not usually our waistlines, so much is it our fate and our future quantity and quality of life.  We enjoy life, we just enjoy different aspects than may not be the cultural norm. We don’t hate food, but we just must be so very, very careful with it; it affects our long-term and short-term futures.  Please understand, we don’t mean anything personal by it, it’s something we must do.