While I rocked my son to sleep tonight, I remembered what a small, and at the same time, a big factor diabetes is in my life. A challenge that can be deadly, even during those times I’m acting as if I don’t have it, and trying to forget I have it.

It has strengthened me, like others on here I’m sure, while at the same time it has weakened and tried to kill me. In fact, the harder it tries, the more we seem to pay it little or no heed in living out our lives.

From my wardrobe of vests and jackets, with their numerous pockets for snacks, glucometers, and back-up strips and supplies, to the various ways we have for dealing and facing our fears, most of us probably have stories of how dealing with this disease has given us an edge in confidence.

Dealing with a disease, a life event, and life itself, is a two way street, and how we respond or react is half the battle. And while admitting that is a mixed metaphor, to try to explain it another way might make it tough to chew on.

So on we go, embracing the seriousness of the disease, while trying not to let it seriously affect our life choices. And that is the conundrum we face throughout our lives yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, and alas, even hourly.

While not having a general solution to that problem, and not agreeing with much of his philosophical stance, I am reminded of what Albert Camus wrote in Resistance, Rebellion, and Death But man’s greatness lies elsewhere. It lies in his decision to be stronger than his condition. And if his condition is unjust, he has only one way of overcoming it, which is to be just himself