Make no mistake that this blog is about being the best father I can be for my son and dealing with diabetes. 

Although you will not find pictures of him here, those I share with family and friends at family gatherings, or at work, or through the magic of Facebook; being a father and husband are what define me. 

Having T1D is a part of me and is my diagnosis, and in many ways, as Kerri Sparling says, explains me,  it does not define me. 

Granted, it plays a huge role and can have a great effect on me, what has a greater effect on me are my son and wife, my family and friends.  They are not just accompaniments in my life, they are my power sources, my raison de’etre.

What I hope to find through this blog are better ways to be a better and healthier diabetic and a better father, and to perhaps help others in my situation to do the same.

So make no mistake about it, what this blog is about, despite the lack of pictures, is what Ronnie Milsap describes as his …sunshine day and night, ohh what a difference you’ve made in my life.  My son and wife.  My family.