As a fan of comic books and spy thriller novels, I must admit at times I feel as if I have a “secret identity,” or I have another life. My secret identity: I can go from an independent, self-sufficient individual to a solely and thoroughly dependent individual. Dependent upon my wife, family, co-workers, even strangers depending upon the time and place of my transformation. In seconds, I can become an unconscious blob, a semi-conscious, but irrational, human, or a semi-autonomous, functioning, but unaware, human. Usually, those are in sequential order, progressing or devolving from the semi-autonomous condition to the unconscious, blob-condition, within minutes or less. I do not usually choose the time or the place, intentionally. Rather, my decisions hours, sometimes as many as 24, earlier can affect my condition. While my mood is appreciative to those helping me, it isn’t always to those who are closest . I don’t mean to do it, but you do something 24/, 365 days a year, no holidays off, no days off, no summers off, etc., mistakes will happen. And these mistakes can be deadly. I know that and really try to avoid them. But it pays to be careful. We face questions and judgments if we reveal our true identities, and possibly deadly consequences if we don’t. But, I know my secret identity can reveal itself without my influence or choice.