Have you hit a wall? Is there someone thinking or telling you there is no wall, “it’s all in your head,” “you can beat it,”etc., etc.?

There’s a wall. Maybe you haven’t hit it. Maybe, you’ve found a way through it, around it, or over it. But it’s there. The old saying “what doesn’t kill you just makes you stronger,” leaves out an important point: eventually something kill us. All of us. On that journey, we often have obstacles to overcome; everyone has something. As diabetics, often the challenge is to live as “normally” as possible. To live, sometimes marry and have children, sometimes to devote ourselves to serving a cause, sometimes all four, sometimes only one or two.

Wherever our paths go, there are sure to be challenges, obstacles, seemingly barriers.

My reaction or solution has been to go on, change course temporarily perhaps, but keep moving, keep going on going on. I am curious for myself and maybe others, what has been your solution to overcoming?